Tui Na Massage

Looking for a massage in Salford or Manchester? Want to feel, relaxed, energised and pain free all at the same time? Enjoy getting a massage? Then you’ll love Tui Na.

Tui Na (pronounced ‘Tway Nar’) is a form of therapeutic massage which uniquely combines acupressure techniques with deep tissue massage and manipulation and mobilization of limbs.  It’s great for sports performers or to help in the recovery from musculoskeletal ailments such as lower back pain, frozen shoulder or cervical spine problems.

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Utilising the meridian system of acupuncture, Tui Na can be described as acupuncture but without the needles, so if you don’t think acupuncture is for you, definitely give Tui Na a try. This practice can be used to treat specific physical ailments but is also beneficial for relaxation and stress relief.

Philip has been practising Tui Na Massage in Salford and Manchester for over 7 years, he often combines the practice alongside acupuncture for optimal results.

One of the many benefits for Tui Na massage is that it can be applied through the clothes making it ideal for those who have mobility issues and find it difficult to remove clothes or would prefer to remain clothed and still receive a massage treatment.

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“Phil was recommended to me by a friend who had been singing his praises for some time, so when I started with a frozen shoulder I booked for a Tui Na session with him. I knew very little about it beforehand, but Phil explained how the session would work, and during that first hour I remember feeling very much in safe hands. I’m happy to report that it helped immensely, and my shoulder eased and recovered after a short time. I would highly recommend Phil. He has an extensive knowledge and skill set, and a natural flare for helping others.” JR, Manchester