About Phil

Phil grew up in Staffordshire, in a small village called Handsacre not a well-known place, however, the neighbouring village Armitage is known worldwide for a factory producing bathroom furniture.  Whilst at high school, he discovered an interest in martial arts and watching Bruce Lee films, this gave an initial insight into the philosophy of martial arts which share common understandings to Chinese medicine.  At A-level, Phil studied Biology, History, Sports Studies and Business Studies which gave a good foundation in understanding the human body.

Having finished high school Phil began to train and work in hospitality and used the skills he obtained to travel to Australia and later Cornwall to work.  At this time he became more interested in meditative practices, Daoism and Buddhism.  At this time his interest in natural living and herbal medicines also began to develop.

Phil began to look for a way to work which would make a positive impact on his own life and those around him. Acupuncture was a natural fit to both his knowledge, interests and passions.  In 2008 he began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture at the University of Salford in the North West of England, where he graduated with a BSc honours degree. His lecturers at this time included Mei Xing, Lei Zhao, Lin Qing Cai, Ling Soong Wong, John Gradwell, Anna Krypczyk, Jane Sweet, Deb Connor & Lynne Dean.

Having graduated and beginning practice, Phil then studied Tui Na Massage with John Gradwell at his clinic in Stockport, achieving a postgraduate diploma.  This was followed by the study of Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York.

Phil’s interest in the philosophy of Daoism helped him to secure a position as the stream leader and principal lecturer of Philosophy and Context at the Northern College of Acupuncture.  He currently practices Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Angel Centre in Salford and is currently completing an MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine.