How to take Chinese Herbs

During your first appointment we will discuss you current health and main complaints. This detailed approach enables the formulation of an individualised herbal prescription to suit your own constitution. If you would like to have acupuncture treatment also, your formula can be developed during treatment.  If not, then it will be necessary for me to spend 30 minutes or so working on the formula and calculating the fee.  The herbs will be ordered from a dispensary service and available for collection the next day usually.

The accumulated effect of treatment usually sees the best results, it is recommended to continue a course of treatment to find lasting benefits.  In the early stages of treatment you should come fortnightly for three sessions, allowing for any fine tuning to your formula and enable adjustments where necessary.  After this time it would usually be sufficient to attend once per month and then to gradually reduce treatment as appropriate for you. 

Follow up sessions take 30 minutes, this provides time to discuss any changes to your health and adapt the formula accordingly.  It will be necessary for me to spend thirty minutes or so to build the formula and calculate the cost via the dispensary service.

It is important that you keep to the dosage recommended each day as written upon your prescription.  Do not share your prescription with friends or family members with similar complaints as the herbal formula would not be suitable for them.

Reactions to Chinese Herbal Medicine

Unpleasant side effects from Chinese herbal medicine are rare, though there can be mild digestive reactions, tiredness and headaches in some people.  Should you have any concerns about reactions following treatment, please contact me directly (Tel/Text 07970693827 or email  In some instances it may be necessary to change your herbal prescription or how often you take it.

1.    The herbs may taste slightly unpleasant or bitter.  This can be largely overcome by diluting with water or adding flavouring to them. 

2.    Some patients experience some looseness of their stools.  This is usually a temporary condition which subsides once you are used to taking the herbs.

3.    IMPORTANT. If you experience any sickness, diarrhoea, sudden skin rash, achiness, altered sense of smell or in any way feel unwell while taking the formula, stop taking it and contact me immediately. These symptoms are usually due to an infection, so you may be advised to start the herbs again when you have recovered.  You should not take your current herbs if you have an infection such as cold, flu or stomach upset as a different prescription might be needed. If on starting your herbs again your symptoms return, you may be experiencing an adverse reaction to the herbs.  This may be due to your system finding the herbs indigestible, which is not unusual and easily corrected by changing the prescription. However, these symptoms can also be a warning sign of a more serious adverse reaction, which is extremely rare. You should therefore stop taking the herbs immediately and contact me.

Instructions for taking Concentrated Herbal Powder/Granules

  1. For optimal results herbs should be taken twice a day. In the morning and early evening.

2. Measure out the powder: Measure out the dosage according to the instruction on the label.

3. The measuring spoon usually is 1g, so if the dosage says 3g, three spoons is necessary. Do check the size of the measuring spoon to be sure.

4. If your herbs come in a sachet, all you have to do is empty the contents of one sachet into a cup and continue with the following instructions.

5. Make a Drink: add a small amount of warm water and mix to make a smooth paste, then, add half a mugful of boiling water and stir well (it may be necessary to keep stirring occasionally).  Take the drink when it cools down to lukewarm.  If there is residue left in the cup, add some warm water, stir and drink to ensure full dose is taken.

6.Manage the taste: rinsing your mouth with cold or warm water immediately after can take away the remaining herbal flavour.  You can add fruit juice or honey to improve the flavour but sugar is not recommended.  In most cases people get used to the taste in a few days, however if the herbal flavour is too difficult to cope with you can ask for a tablet or capsule form of the prescription, but this costs more and needs to be ordered from the supplier.

Can I adjust the dosage myself? Please use the dosage recommended in order to observe your response accurately and adjust later accordingly. Please discuss with the practitioners if you need to alter the dosage.

Response and reaction: there is no drastic phenomenon to be expected while you are taking the herbs, so if you have any unusual reaction, such as nausea, diarrhoea, skin rash or increased fatigue, you should stop taking the herbs and contact me immediately (Tel/text 07970693827, email  Mild digestive discomfort can settle down easily by adjusting the formula. Severe reaction or serious reaction is extremely rare.

I am taking conventional medication: please be sure to inform me of all medications you are taking before beginning your course of herbal treatment.  This will be taken into consideration when prescribing your formula.  You should take the herbs 30 minutes after taking your medication.

Additional Illness: if you get a common cold, flu or upset stomach while you are taking the formula, it is recommended that you stop taking the herbs until the acute symptoms alleviate.  This will help you recover from the acute infection quicker in most cases.  If you are unsure please contact me on the number below.