Located in the heart of the Chapel Street redevelopment project, this is where we have our primary clinic location as part of a health and wellbeing centre alongside The Angel Medical Practice, Mind In Salford , The Panic Room and much more.

Located in the Brooks Building in Hulme, the Manchester Movement Unit is part of Manchester Metropolitan University where our founder Philip Trubshaw holds his secondary clinic working alongside physiotherapists, sport rehabilitation and massage therapists

Where our founder Philip Trubshaw studied Chinese Herbal Medicine and where he teaches on the acupuncture course in Philosophy and Context and on the Chinese herbal medicine course in Herbs and Formulas

The UK’s primary regulatory body for Chinese Herbal Medicine which sets standards for; education, clinical practice, the quality of herbs and suppliers. Our founder Philip Trubshaw is a full member and also sits on the RCHM council.

The UK’s primary regulatory body for Acupuncture which sets the highest standards for acupuncture training and practice. Our founder Philip Trubshaw is a full member and is the Regional Group Coordinator for Greater Manchester, connecting practitioners across the area.